Data warehouses don't make you data-driven, clarity does.

Statype replaces your entire data stack to automatically generate insights and analysis without ever having to write a single line of SQL or build a custom dashboard. Just point us to your data and we will take care of the rest. We enable you to get a handle on Customer, Revenue, Sales and Marketing metrics.

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Data warehouses
are expensive and complex

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Complicated Queries

Data Warehouses require you to convert your questions and analysis into a myriad of complex SQL statements that continuously grow in complexity as your data questions evolve over time.

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Data Quality Variability

Missing values and NULLs, incompatible data types, and lack of validation routines means that after ingesting your data, the work of cleaning and normalizing it has just begun.

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Constant Maintenance

Data ingestion requires constant maintenance, from dealing with pipelines, ETLs, API rate limits from third party data sources, or any of the other myriad of issues, simply getting data into your data warehouse is not simple.

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Information Architecture

Without a comprehensive and clear data model, generating analysis during rapid business growth is challenging. New data models have to be constantly created before meaningful analysis can occur.

Free yourself from

Data warehouses

Statype's end to end solution gives you a clear view into the health of your business by drawing powerful insights using data from all facets of your business.

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We take care of everyhing

Scrap the data warehouse

Data Warehouses are expensive and slow, so we decided to get rid of them entirely. Instead of having to worry about provisioning resources, figuring out a constantly changing billing system, and slow to update analytics, we decided to re-imagine the space from the bottom up.

Instead of a Data Warehouse, Statype uses a multi-data layer approach to storing data, by focusing on retention policies, as well as how often data is accessed and calculated, we are able to provide analytics that are more in-depth and orders of magnitude faster. We've created an all-inclusive universal data model to ensure you are capturing and tracking the most critical data for your business

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Do more with less

Import your data into our all-inclusive universal data model

One of the biggest challenges today is getting all your data into one place from across all of your many teams. We make it fast and easy to import your Revenue, Customer, Marketing and Sales data into our all-inclusive data model. Spend more time on your business's core competencies and less time on mundane pipeline building and maintenance.

Our Multipass technology enables you to ingest your data sources and map your fields to a comprehensive data model. Multipass provides smooth data ingestion, easy data mapping, quick data quality feedback and support for universal unique identifiers.

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Focus on Outcomes Discover insights

With so much data it's hard to find what to focus on. Statype isn't only an all-inclusive data model that stores your data, it's also an insights engine, that is constantly analyzing your data as it is ingested and alerting you in real-time so that you can focus on the metrics that actually matter to your business.

These insights cover the entire spectrum of your business, there are product-level insights, customer-level insights alerting you to potential churn as well as opportunities for customers expanding, and business level metrics as well, all with the goal of giving you complete control and understanding of the complexities of your business.

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Intelligent data model

No SQL ever, really

We ingest your data directly into our intelligent data model that is specifically designed for B2B SaaS businesses. This allows us to immediately return metrics and analysis on business such as MRR, ARR, NDR, Product Churn, Customer Churn, Product Usage Behavioral Analytics, Customer Segmentation, and so much more.

This frees you from writing complicated SQL queries to merge your different data sources, compiling metrics that you often have to review for accuracy and building numerous dashboards for every different department.

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