More insights, less effort

Statype automates the aggregation and transformation of data without the need to manage and maintain an outdated, overly-customized data warehouse.

Statype customers screen user interface

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Multipass, aggregated
data mapping & modeling

Multipass is the new alternative to outdated data warehouses. We will ingest and aggregate your data from all sources — invoices, customer details, sales bookings & marketing activities — we then map your data to our all-inclusive data model with our easy-to-use mapping interface.

Once your data is mapped, we will begin automatically ingesting, transforming, calculating, and cleaning your data. After this process is completed, your data will be ready within Statype as key metrics and insights for your entire business. Easily see your ARR, NDR, Cohorts, Segmentation, Potential ARR — not only as one point in time — but as a time series with daily granularity.


All your Revenue, at a glance.

All your revenue information in one place! We ingest your revenue domain data, in the form of invoices. We then turn your invoice data into actionable pre-built calculations, metrics and dashboards. No heavy lifting required.

Prenentation Screen

Comprehensive revenue data in one place.

Earning Presentation

Actionable metrics and prebuilt dashboards.

Key Segments

Detailed customer segmentation by ARR.


Identify critical churns and contractions.

Statype customers screen user interface
Statype customers screen user interface


Deep Customer insights, in a click.

Get an in-depth holistic view of the customer, we combine salesforce, hubspot and zendesk data. You don't have to switch from app to app or build and maintain your own data warehouse and data pipelines to gain critical insights.

Open Book

Creating the ideal customer case studies

Barchart under magnifying glass

Quickly identifying key leads and prospects


Preparing for a renewal with a Customer

User with a Crown

Determine which of your cohorts is the best performing


Powerful Sales metrics, for everyone.

Let's be honest, Salesforce reports are limited in functionality, clunky and difficult to use — there is no out-of-the-box ARR and NDR reporting, no way to map sales to invoice line items and generate detailed reporting for board meetings and investor updates. We provide you with sales metrics and insights in a modern sleek interface, making board prep instantaneous.

Do you want to provide every team in your organization with sales insights to help inform their goals, but not have them logging into Salesforce each day? We’ve created a way for all teams to see how their work impacts and improves hitting the sales number each quarter.

Sales Funnel

Pipeline week over week and its’ historical progression

Party Horn

Provide everyone with a view of your recent sales wins

Bar Chart with markers

See your Sales targets and the current progress

Statype customers screen user interface

Security First

Built with security in mind

Statype asks a lot from our customers: we ingest sensitive financial, performance, and customer information to generate deep insights. Our customers trust us to get this right because security is a core tenant of everything we build. We prioritize getting security right, from the beginning.

We follow industry best practices, and set the bar for who you should trust with your data.

Industry Best Practices

Binary numbers with a slash across them

Use synthetic data sets for development and testing, instead of using customer data.

File icon with a lock beside it

Encrypt all data in motion and at rest.

Iconic build with columns

Follow “AWS Well Architected”, specifically the “Security Pillar”. Comply with AWS Foundational Security Best Practices and CIS AWS Foundations Benchmarks.


Control access using SSO, MFA, RBAC, and the principle of least privilege.

AWS logo

Store and Process all data in AWS, within their US data centers.

Shield with checkmark centered on it

Operate a “Single Tenant” application, with a dedicated tenant for each Statype Customer.