Statypes Activity Center UI Visualization
June 21, 2023

Introducing Activity Center

A Comprehensive Hub for All Events, Real Time Notifications, and Customer Updates.

Liv Balderas
Liv Balderas
Product Manager

Introducing the Activity Center

Today, we are pleased to announce the Activity Center. Our new Activity Center is a powerful tool developed by Statype to assist users in staying informed about their business and customer updates, ensuring that no crucial changes go unnoticed.

Here at Statype we advocate for the importance of making data driven decisions - that can be hard to do if you’re stuck trying to keep track of the updates happening across your business. This is why Statype created the Activity Center, it’s designed to help gain a holistic view of your business from every angle. It includes updates on new events, real time notifications, data modifications, and more, all in one easy to navigate place.

The Activity Center empowers users to focus on the most relevant updates and historical data to them and  therefore, never miss a significant development again.

We took the helpful features across the application, like notifications and annotations, and put them into one central location for ease of navigation. It’s broken down into these six sections, we have five key features - Notifications, Notes, Events, Annotations, and Comments, which each have their own hub sorted from newest to oldest activity. Then there’s the Recent Activity tab - we understand there can be many different updates happening across your business at once, in an effort to ensure users don’t miss those updates we’ve grouped together all updates from each of the five tabs and put the last three days into the Recent Activity section.

We empower users to narrow down their specific requirements through multiple means. The Statype team generates and assigns tags to events, enabling users to concentrate on particular areas of interest. Whether it’s identifying patterns by analyzing risk-related events from the past six months or celebrating growth-related events with your team, Statypes allows you to do so.

We’ve given users the ability to focus on their business related events or customers as needed. This applies to notifications, events, and annotations.

Activity Center Technology and Design

Behind the scenes, Activity Center is running hundreds of dbt models that cover every piece of data feeding into Statype, potentially hundreds of millions of rows of data. It generates “events” based on new data and any changes or patches made to old data, and combines these events with any annotations/comments/notes that Statype users have made within the Statype platform.  Interacting with Activity Center is always fast due to a frontend that heavily relies on turbo and a backend that extensively caches with memcached.

In regards to design we aimed to accommodate both the needs of busy users seeking quick updates on the overall state of the business and individual account owners who require a more focused approach to managing specific aspects. Its versatility and flexibility make it a valuable tool for a range of users, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in business operations.

What’s Next for Activity Center

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Liv Balderas
Liv Balderas
Product Manager