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May 22, 2023

Introducing Multipass

Learn about Multipass, Statype’s data mapping, transformation, aggregation and modeling feature. We make it as easy.

Candice Chu
Candice Chu
Sr. Product Manager

By effectively mapping data and ingesting it from multiple sources, we can break down complex problems, uncover patterns, identify trends, and make informed decisions. This enables us to unleash the true value of data and leverage it to drive improvements, discover opportunities, and ultimately achieve our goals.

Turbocharge Your Ingestion Experience

With seamless no-code data ingestion Statype simplifies the process of data ingestion by offering automated integration through your preferred API. With our comprehensive data mapping and quality feedback features, you can effortlessly connect multiple data sources to feed Statype’s powerful data models. We’ve specifically empowered users with the ‘administrator’ role to identify and establish connections with various data sources using API keys. Gain complete control over your data sources by enabling or disabling them at any time through a simple toggle switch conveniently located under each Source. Experience a new level of data management efficiency with Statype and unlock the full potential of your data-driven insights.

Empower Your Data Transformation with Statype’s Data Mapping

Effortlessly map, calculate, and transform your raw data into actionable insights. With Statype, administrators wield the power to seamlessly map their data fields to the necessary Statype fields, guaranteeing accurate and precise metric calculations. Once the mapping process is complete, our advanced algorithms kick into action, swiftly processing your numbers and conducting calculations. The following morning, when you log in, prepare to be amazed as your raw data magically transforms into valuable insights. Armed with comprehensive metrics, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of your business’s health, enabling you to confidently make crucial day-to-day decisions and strategically shape your long-term vision. Experience the data-driven revolution with Statype and unlock the insights that drive success.

Comprehensive Data Model

Statype provides our customers with a Data Model that’s built to last as you scale. Unlock insights across departments - Revenue, Customers, Sales and Marketing. Our data model will take you from Series A to IPO and beyond.

Multipass Technology and Design

At Statype, we passionately believe that data ingestion should be a lightning-fast, hassle-free endeavor. We’ve meticulously crafted an ingestion process that empowers you, the engineer, to effortlessly determine your data requirements, swiftly ingest the desired data, and seamlessly map it to a comprehensive data model. Say goodbye to the pains and complexities of data ingestion, and embrace a world where data exploration knows no bounds.

Multipass is purpose-built to conquer the common challenges faced by data and analytics engineers every single day. Imagine a scenario where your company decides to switch payment processors, and you refuse to let go of valuable historical reporting data. With Multipass and Statype by your side, this becomes a reality. Simply select your new connector, map the fields with ease, and the next morning when you eagerly log in, witness the migration completion like magic.

Join the league of data pioneers who fearlessly push boundaries, revolutionize data management, and unlock the limitless potential of their insights. With Multipass, your data journey has never been more exhilarating. Embrace the future of data ingestion and embark on a transformative adventure today.

What’s Next for Multipass

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Candice Chu
Candice Chu
Sr. Product Manager