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May 22, 2023

Introducing Patching

Empowering Robust Data Modeling in the Data Analysis Industry

Candice Chu
Candice Chu
Sr. Product Manager

Learn about Patching, a critical practice for data teams encompassing the identification and resolution of inconsistencies or anomalies within datasets. At Statype, we often say the quality of your insights is only as reliable as the quality of the data you input.

Today, we are pleased to announce Patching

Now data teams and data owners alike have the ability to view, investigate and make the necessary changes to dirty data. By addressing discrepancies, inconsistencies, and missing data, patching ensures data quality, integrity, and accuracy. It enables data teams to provide timeline insights, improve decision making, enhance data governance, and foster collaboration across the organization. Patching is a transformative process that empowers data teams to harness the true potential of their data.

Discover the key benefits of effective data patching and how it contributes to enhancing productivity, user satisfaction, and overall business success in the dynamic SaaS landscape. We’ve created a simple slate for teams to explore the underlying datasets that feed Statype data models with the ability to drill into the different Domains (Revenue, Customer, Sales, Support, Product).

Patching from Data Explorer

We’ve given teams the ability to view their datasets by Domain and/or Entity so they can easily drill into and patch records that require clean up. Teams are able to do this manually within Data Explorer itself and have the option to export tables to scrub then reimport to ensure Statype data models produce accurate insights.

Patching from Customers Domain

We’ve also surfaced on Customer related pages the ability to see whether a Patch has ever been applied to a record. This is intended to give teams visibility to self investigate prior to flagging and asking questions to the data or business owner while also allowing teams to Patch all in the same UI.

Patches from Patch Explorer

We built Patch Explorer with data teams and data owners in mind who may want to see and understand historical changes by entity, record, field updated, user, by number of patches, patch reason, patch source.

Patching Technology and Design

We built Patching to provide an intuitive user interface for data teams and business owners who spend a lot of time delving into and trying to understand business data input and outputs.

You can confidently explore the impacts of data patches and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, our user-centric approach ensures that even non-technical team members can effortlessly navigate the patch history, fostering collaboration and enhancing cross-functional understanding.

Seamlessly surfacing patch visibility and a comprehensive patch history, we ensure that your data analysis journey remains transparent, insightful, and impactful.

What’s Next for Patching

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Candice Chu
Candice Chu
Sr. Product Manager